Agent Henry Jingle

Mr. Jjingo Henry is an agent (inspection agent), for excellent spirit property masters limited with a wide range of experiences in the restates’ business. A CEO of the Gressova group of companies. And a partner (shareholder) Hilland paints

He is a down-to-earth man who loves listening to clients and his team members.

He is among the company’s official Agents and we are so proud of him.

Message from the agent Jjingo Henry

Greetings in the name of the almighty God my name is Jjingo Henry and I would like to thank all Clients that have supported and recommended more Clients to us your doing a great job and let’s keep on the same accord.

As Excellent spirit property masters, we are ready to serve you with integrity, Stewardship, and honesty.

For the years we have been in the field we thank almighty God that we have seen steady fast growth and we still moving forward.

Last and not least
We love you and we are preparing the best for you.